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Critical and Descriptive Writing: Getting the Right Balance


It is very important for students to learn how to write descriptive as well as critical essays. In the final examinations and even in the college entrance exams, there are commonly asked questions which require both types of writing. In this article we will discuss how these two different but useful types of essay writing can be mastered.


Sacrificing One Type of Writing Over Another is Not Appropriate


Both forms of writing have their own functions and uses and both should be carried out simultaneously while studying or doing research on a given topic or problem. When carrying out an inquiry or doing research work, we first need to find out information about any type of essay writer (whether it is physical, social, economic or philosophical) so that patterns can be seen, points or arguments can be pointed out and finally from all this, a conclusion can be made. So in order to achieve this, one will naturally require descriptive writing.


In the previous paragraph you will see that: "finding out information" is something that needs to be done first before any critical inquiry/argumentation related work can commence. You need to gather data that would serve as evidence for your argument. While you are doing this gathering of information, there’s no harm using some descriptive elements (which actually shouldn't take up too much space).

In the next paragraph, you will see that: "So in order to achieve this, one will naturally require descriptive writing." This sentence is stating the main point.


When a student is tasked with doing a problem-solving question which asks for an argumentative or evaluative essay, how can he/she begin the process of presenting arguments and evaluating anything while being not aware about any type of knowledge or subject matter? So it is important for us to understand that even descriptive essays have a step-by-step process. The first step would be identifying central ideas and/or concepts in the given topic; different perspectives on the same issue or idea can be presented at this point; general information about the particular topic can also be arranged.


Naturally, while putting arguments in support of the position or claim which is presented at the beginning of the essay (or at any point later on) there will be some critical elements. But it doesn’t mean that a person should sacrifice his/her descriptive writing skills and throw them out of the window. So what we are saying is that both descriptive as well as critical writing must come together while doing research work.


The Good Balance between Descriptive and Critical Writing


In this paragraph we are going to show how important it is to get a good balance between these two types of write my essay for various purposes, especially when you are studying or doing your homework (which is one of the best times to practice these different forms of writing). We have already mentioned how describing the pattern of information, facts and ideas come first which is followed by evaluating them. This is what we call a descriptive critical essay, because both descriptive as well as critical elements are in use.


When you are preparing for final examinations or entrance exams, argumentative essays are one of the most important types of essays. But if you think that it requires only critical writing to make an argumentative essay [and not descriptive], then you are mistaken. The basic idea behind making a good argumentative essay is to put forth an opinion (i.e., claim/position). In fact all thinking on any problem or issue begins with developing this position in your mind and later on when you start presenting evidence in support of the claim.


The evidence that you bring forward in support of these arguments must be established first by providing background information about the subject matter and at the same time showing how your opinions or conclusions are related to this information. So, what we are saying is: Without a good descriptive base, it would be very hard to develop any good argument; so, before making an argumentative essay, one should provide background information on the topic first. This is another example where both descriptive as well as critical elements come together for producing a very effective writing task (an argumentative essay).

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